Exclusive Military Distributing Agent

Exclusive Military Distributor

Bisek & Company, Inc., a military food broker for over fifty-six years, has expanded its exclusive military brokerage capabilities to include functioning as an Exclusive Military Distributing Agent for many manufacturers to DeCA and all exchanges worldwide.

In this respect, Bisek & Company, Inc. acts as a “wholesaler” for manufacturers by purchasing their products on special terms previously agreed upon.  In addition, Bisek & Company, Inc. assumes total responsibility for military marketing which includes the following:

  1. Establishing military drayage distributors
  2. Appointing and supervising regional military brokers
  3. Invoicing the commissaries and collecting monies by electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  4. Transmitting military pricing via electronic data interchange (EDI) and DeCA’s Vendor Portal
  5. Maintaining resale ordering agreements (ROA’s)
  6. Maintaining EBS DeCA Vendor Portal
  7. Arranging and paying for shelf stocking services for authorized vendor stocked products
  8. Maintaining an EDI trading partner agreement with Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), AAFES, and NEXCOM

This “wholesaler” arrangement relieves the manufacturer of the marketing cost transactions in dealing with DeCA.  Bisek & Company, Inc. absorbs these costs that are associated with DeCA by:

  • Paying the drayage fees to the distributors
  • Paying full brokerage commissions to military sales representatives
  • Paying for shelf stocking services
  • Paying electronic data interchange (EDI) communication costs
  • Paying vendor credit memo (VCM) credit card charge accounts

Bisek & Company, Inc. has invested in customized computer software programs known as SAGE MAS100 and Transaction Manager.  SAGE is not only an advanced accounting program, but also provides the capability to interface with the EDI Transaction Manager software and allow Bisek & Company, Inc. to track sales, monitor distributor inventory, and invoice and receive payments from DeCA.  Additional technical programs that assist Bisek & Company, Inc. in functioning as an Exclusive Military Distributing Agent are Empower IT, Market Master, JDA Space Planning, and Slack.

Bisek & Company, Inc. has formed an association with the best regional military brokers to provide thorough commissary store service throughout CONUS and overseas.  Along with our own direct sales force, these professional representatives organize and establish in store merchandisers and shelf stockers as required.  The continuity of experienced field representatives provides superior store coverage with the maximum attention to each of our accounts.